how to check 6 volt voltage regulater?

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Answered: 120 volt charge conversion to 240 volt

No, you can't. None of that. Do not do it. It's dangerous. It takes a professional electrician. DO. NOT.

Answered: Who handles 12 Volt low voltage lights for post ...

Found the Low Voltage Lighting system I wanted to replace the caps on the fence posts at Fox Home Center in Alsip. Hope it helps. CHICAGO 11150 S. Cicero Ave. (708) 636-3500 Fax (708) 636-8046

Answered: Small transformer voltage

Most electronics with IC chips run at 5 volts or less DC so they have a voltage regulator built into the circuit. Using more than 12 volts shouldn't harm them as long as the amperage is low. I believe (but I'm not sure) that most IC voltage regulators can handle up to 30 volts DC at low amperage.

Answered: How to calculate voltage drop

But, if you want a formula-

Answered: Alternator voltage

Your charging system should have a voltage regulator in it to step the voltage down to around 14 volts. These used to be external to the alternator, but now they are usually internal. If your internal regulator is fried and you don't want to rebuild the alternator, you can use an external ...

Answered: 6 volt to 12 volt converter

Check here. Best price I've found on 6V to 12V converters.
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110 volt ac to 36 volt ac?

Use capacitor or steped down transformer .

Can i use a 8 volt charger on a 6 volt portable tv.

No, you need a 6 volt charger for your portable TV.

How do I wire 12 volt lighting on a 36 volt golf cart?

Best thing to do is purchase a 36 to 12 volt regulator (around $35.00) and wire directly from the 36 volt source. You can also wire from 2 batteries using the positive from one and the negative from the other keep in mind that doing that will cause those to batteries to wear out before the others ...

What are the types of voltage regulator

Types of voltage regulator are the following: 1.Series Pass Voltage Regulator - Series pass regulators are considered the least effective type of voltage regulator. 2.Shunt Voltage Regulator - Shunt voltage regulators are more efficient than series pass types because their power is usually not ...