how to check 6 volt voltage regulater?

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Answered: How to wire a12volt voltage regulater

found a link for regarding your question here . ~mike Suspension Lift Kit

Answered: Who handles 12 Volt low voltage lights for post ...

Found the Low Voltage Lighting system I wanted to replace the caps on the fence posts at Fox Home Center in Alsip. Hope it helps. CHICAGO 11150 S. Cicero Ave. (708) 636-3500 Fax (708) 636-8046

Answered: How to calculate voltage drop

But, if you want a formula-

Answered: Small transformer voltage

Most electronics with IC chips run at 5 volts or less DC so they have a voltage regulator built into the circuit. Using more than 12 volts shouldn't harm them as long as the amperage is low. I believe (but I'm not sure) that most IC voltage regulators can handle up to 30 volts DC at low amperage.

Answered: How do you check electrical line voltage?

You can easily get one Multimeter which can be used to measure many electric quantities at home. It is very handy and easy to operate. Get it from any electric shop.

Answered: Bendix electronics voltage regulator simple wiring to 12 volt

It has been years since I saw an actual Bendix alternator or voltage regulator. Talk about antiques! The only ones they got out now are 25 KW used on Komatsu and Kubota big loaders as a replacement for when the OEM alternators die. The old ones had 5 wires to the alternator: ground, exciter, e-reg ...
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6 volt to 12 volt converter

Check here. Best price I've found on 6V to 12V converters.

US to Israel voltage

Hi, Sorry to discurage you but it's a bad idea. If you buy a 110V vacuum cleaner you'll have to use a proper transformator and that is usually heavy and uncomfortable..... for almost the same money (might be even cheaper) better buy a 220V vacuum cleaner in Israel and you'll have the service and ...

110 volt ac to 36 volt ac?

Use capacitor or steped down transformer .

Can i use a 8 volt charger on a 6 volt portable tv.

No, you need a 6 volt charger for your portable TV.