How to Change wheel bearings on 1994 GEO Prizm?

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Answered: Torque specifications for a front wheel bearing on a 1967 chevelle

You can get that info on google, look for a manual.

Answered: Troubleshooting 1994 geo prizm loss of power and poor gas mileage

I think that you have put your finger on the problem. It's an old Geo Prizm. Plugs Plug wires Out of timing Dirty air filter Dirty gas filter Bad piston ring(s) Even Madam Z can't help with this one. You need a new car. And if that is not possible, you need a mechanic

Answered: How do i change the rear wheel bearings on a 1995 ford aerostar

The wheel bearings for the rear of your 1995 Ford Aerostar are easily replaced. This is just a bearing and seal, there is no hub assembly involved. You will be removing the wheel, braking assembly (caliper and rotor), then you will be at the hub. The hub is removed via the axle nut. I suggest ...

Answered: 1997 GEO Prizm..door lock on driver side will not ...

The technical term for a door not unlocking is "busted".

Answered: Torque value for wheel bearing 95 GMC Sierra 4x4 pickup truck

The OEM torque specs for the fron wheel bearing axle nut on your 1995 GM Suburban (it is actually for the 1992 through 1999 suburban) is 165 Ft/Lbs or 224 Nm MIBearings LLC has torque specs and new wheel bearings

Answered: Towing a 1995 Geo Tracker automatic 2 wheel drive

You must lift the rear wheels off the ground with a dolly trailer, or a flat bed trailer. No problem towing a manuel transmisson with four wheels down,
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