How to change the ink roller in the casio hr-100tm calculator?

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Answered: CASIO EF-521D-7AV

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Answered: I forgot my password and can't get in to change it

If you mean Windows login password, then I have a good suggestion for you. You can use Windows Password Key to reset or remove the password. Here are instructions that you need to follow: Step 1: Download Windows Password Key in another accessible PC. Step 2: Run the downloaded file and install ...

Answered: The equivalent of a regular Casio FX scientific calculator

i think that any calculator compared to a computer is very simple. even if it's a wonderful calculator, it still only deals with numbers and symbols. this is very different from the complexity that computers can handle today.


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Answered: Canon Pwe DH V Calcularor Ink

Canon ink for your calculator can be bought online
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Make sure you've removed the protective tape from the cartridge. It took me three cartridges once till I found this thingie you have to remove (they put it there so the ink doesn't dry while on the shelf). I felt really stupid :-)

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Did you change by correct cartridge ? if you refill your cartridge then I would like to inform you Brother MFC5890cn isn't refillable. You have use refillable ink cartridge. Source:

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yes there are brands with good quality last longer like the hp printer ink .