how to change oil and transmission fluid on 2001 flht?

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Answered: Hello i am curious when is transmission fluid to change. how many

read your owners manual. it will give the makers recommendation on fluid changes. I recommend that you monitor the transmission fluid level about every six months. if the fluid on the dip stick smells burnt, have the transmission flushed and new fluid added. (not just 3 or 4 quarts, flush out all ...

Answered: We changed the Transmission fluid in my 2005 S 80 ...

I cant understand what you have done? When you change transmission fluid you drop the transmission pan to drain and also change a small filter in there. Next you put on a new gasket and put the cover back. you refill back through transmission dipstick tube untill it reaches proper level (with engine ...

Answered: How often should I change my automatic transmission fluid?

look in the hand book in the car i do mine at 50.oo0

Answered: I put to much transmission fluid in my 1990 toyota ...

Have you hot tested the transmission?. You can take the car to a workshop where they can easily drain the extra oil out. Cheers.

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What right oil/ auto transmission fluid for new cars?thanks

Both previous answers point to the correct info...check the owners manual and don't go cheap. The Oil Fill Cap in the engine compartment has the correct oil type and weight printed on the cap, so you can't go wrong if you check that first. Honda, Toyota, Volkswagon, and some others take a special ...

How often should power steering and transmission fluid be changed?

Check the color of your power steering fluid by removing the cap under your hood that is marked "power steering fluid" and visually inspecting the fluid on the attached dip stick. If the fluid is a light brown in color it is time ti change it. If the fluid looks clean and is pinkish in color there ...

What viscosity oil and amount in quarts for 2001 vw cabrio oil change

4.3 quarts of 5W40 engine oil (european 100% synthetic recommended) per: Good luck googling. :) LEEDTex