how to change ignition switch on 2003 pontiac grand prix?

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Answered: Ignition key goes in and out but stuckin lock position in my pontiac

thank for some good tips. i had already did the lube one and when that did not work i decided to put new switch in. igot back on line this time i went to grand i found out 1998 was one yr they used a switch that they now know was bad(tumblers bad causing lots of wear on key witch had ...

Answered: Can I remove the headlight switch on a 95 pontiac grand am without

I'm not sure but I'd suggest you take the car to a mechanic and ask.

Answered: What is the bigger car, grand prix or pt cruiser?

Grand Prix is a little larger and weighs a little more

Answered: Free Grand Prix vouchers for Friday...

Thanks for your help. I found the website where you can get the "free vouchers" online. Web address is . Thanks again...

Answered: Will rims from late model Grand Prix fit my 97 Grand Prix

Probably not, and I wouldn't try this. You might compromise the safety of your car.

Answered: Programming Remote for 2002 Grand Prix?

Your remote should have come with programming instructions. If you bought a used one off the web, visit your nearest locksmith, who can test it for operation, and make sure the battery is strong, and then program it to the vehicle. You can try doing this yourself, but you will go nuts trying to ...
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Ignition switch or turn signal switch?

It's impossible to give a diagnostic analysis without seeing the car. I think you should go with your gut feeling if there really is such a difference in price. I have very strong feelings about working with an establishment I don't trust and I do everything I can to stay away from such situations ...

I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix, and suspect that I need to replace an

i think that easiest thing to do would be to take your car to a couple different places to get a quote. you might be able to get a good deal.

Alternative of the Singapore grand Prix packages

We got sum Grand Pricks over in the holler. Bubba

How to change antifreeze 2003 pontiac grand am?

Drain radiator, - if you can't find plug, remove lower hose, then replace when empty. Refill from top with required amount of anti-freeze (i use 2 gal) then top up with water.