how to change EGR valve 2009 Dodge journey 3.5 V6?

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Answered: 2009 Dodge Journey radio and DVD ...

Check this problem on google and see if others have had this problem and how they fixed it.

Answered: I replaced my EGR valve but the check engine light came back on

I want to eliminate EGR valve in 6.4 ford engine ¿ how ?

Answered: EGR valve

An EGR valve has no time or mileage to replacement and can last for years in some cases. No one can tell you that its going to fail soon because they dont know. In some cases, it can be very expensive so its not a part that you would want to replace before its time or as a maintainance item.

Answered: I have a 17.5 hp briggs engine that i have just recently rebuilt the carb

It sounds like it might be a problem with the governor. Check to make sure the linkage is all connected right, and the spring(s) are attached.

Answered: Convert

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i had a simmular problem with my 1998 with the 305 motor not the 350.. i replaced everything from fuel filter and pump to the egr valve to the air filter and couldnt find it on mine it turned out to be the water temperature sensor.

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Did you check the over flow cell and if radiator has a leak?

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Might have a pinched or clogged vacuum line. Look all the way back to the manifold. You'll see a 1/4" pipe heading out of the manifold, and that is where you get vacuum for all the vacuum operated stuff on your car. Usually it goes to a log manifold, and micht have 5-6 things hooked to it: power ...

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