how to change a bedridden patient's diaper?

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Answered: Is it possible to treat diaper rash without using chemicals?

I found this great article on a lot of different natural remedies for diaper rash, All of the remedies are natural home remedies.

Answered: I seem to either change my babies but with ...

I have never used one. I had these tables are always too high and I fear that my baby gets dropped. I have always changed on the bed or on the sofa and it's totally OK !

Answered: Are dressers with the changing table made into them safe? Also, are they

Safe ... yes. Practical? My daughter in law had to have one and may have used it a couple of times lol. I would say skip it!

Answered: Even with coupons, diapers are very expensive. Is ...

A good place to begin your search for cheaper diapers is online at manufacturer websites such as the Pampers site. Sign up at the site in order to receive free coupons and announcements on sales, offers and deals. And once you get your hands on some diaper coupons, be sure to combine store specials ...

Answered: Can babies be allergic to diapers? What is it in the them that could

Yes, some babies may experience allergic reactions because of wearing diapers. This is because some diapers may contain certain chemicals or even be constructed out of fibers that may cause allergies to babies. In addition, some babies may develop yeast infections because of the moist, dark ...

Answered: Are baby changing tables worth the money?

For me, yes, a baby changing table is very helpful especially for new parents. Using a baby changing table is very convenient and has been one of the most functional inventions for parents. Before, changing a baby's diapers would mean letting a baby lie on a kitchen table or even on the floor ...
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Stinky adult diapers?

Wash them with detergent and a little bleach

Diaper bags are pretty much a necessity but I ...

Yes diaper bags are necessary and I think they are needed. But you can sub them for a large bag. I always had nursing pads, nursing cover, a light blanket, lansinol cream, and extra tob for myself, change of clothes for baby, diapers and wipes, diaper rash cream, pacifier, and as a just in case pad ...

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Yes, some children have medical conditions where they can't control their urine.

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I-feel-its-a-slight-form-of-retardation,,but-dont-feel-odd my-friend,.dont hurt-others,tell them-early-in-a-relationship,,,and-dont-hurt-yourself....your-human