how to change 2006 ford f350 ac compressor?

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Answered: Why does my 2008 f-350 blow out white smoke

I am a technician, and I can tell you that the water vapor comming from your exhaust is a blown head gasket...If the smoke were bluish in color it would be burning oil from leaky seals..... If it is 2008 it should be under warranty...They should honor that and replace it free of charge! Wow pretty ...

Answered: 1997 F350 Power Steering Problems

very possible trans fluid will swell the seals i would put the power steering fluid that is recomande for that system you can call napa and get the tech deparnment on the phone and find out

Answered: Class action lawsuit for ford f350 diesel power stroke with blown head

I am having problems with my f-250 06 model it has a blown head gasket and ford denies the claim it only has 89,000 miles on it if anyone has any info on a class action lawsuit let me know at please I need some help on this issue!

Answered: Fuse on ac compressor

Rather than risk damaging the unit further, I'd suggest contacting an a/c technician to fix the problem.

Answered: Ac compressor crack

Compressor problem is not that easy to handle as you can have form any Commercial Air Conditioner and Heating , sometimes we have to consider things as it can possibly cause into further damage. Repair and check-up services is what your unit needed.
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