how to catch a trap and bait shy rodent?

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Answered: What is a sink trap

It's a part of the sink drain. It's located just below the drain outlet on the sink itself. It's a piece of pipe that is bent in such a manner that it traps sewer gas and keeps it from venting back through the drain and into the room where the sink is located. See comment for picture/diagram of ...

Answered: Rodents that hide I feel them at night - but they ...

It could be one of the millions of rodent drones they released into the sewer systems so they could make sure there's a steady supply of crap flowing in and out of Washington.

Answered: Bait to catch shrimp

there r no baits that i know of the way we do it is with light at night and a cast net sometimes u get them sometime u dont best to do it on boat

Answered: How can u catch baby sturgeon!?!??!?!?

Sturgeon can be found in the Columbia and Willapa Rivers year-round. Both green and white sturgeon are caught locally, but whites are the most common and certainly the largest, sometimes measuring over eight feet and weighing several hundred pounds.

Answered: Where to buy trapped hogs

Eldens mama's house has a big ass hog
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