how to catch a trap and bait shy rodent?

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Answered: Bait to catch shrimp

there r no baits that i know of the way we do it is with light at night and a cast net sometimes u get them sometime u dont best to do it on boat

Answered: How can u catch baby sturgeon!?!??!?!?

Sturgeon can be found in the Columbia and Willapa Rivers year-round. Both green and white sturgeon are caught locally, but whites are the most common and certainly the largest, sometimes measuring over eight feet and weighing several hundred pounds.

Answered: Where to buy trapped hogs

Eldens mama's house has a big ass hog

Answered: When I get into bed immediately I feel (I'm deaf ...

Does this happen when you lie down on the floor in the middle of the living room? Is there any difference in what you feel depending upon the level of illumination? How and where do you sleep?

Answered: We have been catching mice in standard mouse traps ...

It's not a snake, snakes don't usually eat things that are already dead. Even if they were to eat a dead mouse out of a trap, they aren't capable of nibbling off a particular part, they have to swallow it whole. Most likely it is other mice or insects doing it. Good luck!
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