how to care for dancing dolphin house plant?

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Answered: How do you care for a zamora plant?

zamora you fertilize it, the mora it will get root rot.

Answered: If I break a part of a house plant off and want it ...

It depends on what kind of plant your trying to root,i start all of my own house plants,say i wanted to start an african violet i cut a leaf with a 2-3 inch stem put in water and put it in the window until it has lots of roots then plant in african violet soil keep moist.This can't be done with all ...

Answered: What Are Examples of Perennial Plants?

Here you can know more about Perennial Plants

Answered: Strawberry plant care in Southern Califronia.

I'm not sure of one either. I lived on an avocado ranch in Ventura, and my next door guy was a strawberry farmer. I remember him planting the plants at the beginning of the season, with the field covered in some kind of white plastic. But I don't recall that he ever took any plants out until the ...

Answered: How to care for a Aechmea plant?

You keep water into inside plant is important light but not so much sun direct, water is not necessarily put water over land , you have to keep as the same temperature and same condition atmosphere and after a couple of years this plant will be give one flower almost a couple of month with ...
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