how to care for a duck with a wound?

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Answered: Need walk-in wound care in 33437 area of florida

Try searching on to find a place. Good luck.

Answered: Wound care associations

HCA is Hospital Corporation of America. They may offer wound healing through hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

Answered: Ducks

The word used most often is a paddle of ducks. They are also called a flock, raft, team, badelynge, bunch, and brace of ducks. Most scientists just use the term flock for all groups of birds.

Answered: Ducks

a dover of ducks...or sometimes a 'team of ducks'....Myself, I call them Obamanites.....

Answered: Wounded horse

thankyou very much i did wrap them earlier and put some meds on him hopefully it will help with the wrap I read that it would be best to leave it unwrapped so it can get air but due to his constant nagging at it I figure i give this a try ill see how it goes for a week hopefully he will be better ...

Answered: Agents for wound cleaning

hi, you may try out "hydrogen peroxide " a proven skin disinfectant.
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Wound healing

I misunderstood when you put 1 year old. You must be frustrated to have one so stubborn. I have to wonder why won't go to wound clinic. People have the right to refuse treatment unless there's a glitch you can find by being Power of Attorney and this person is not of sound mind.

How does a nest sitting mother duck get food and water?

no, my duck has eggs now but she does lay on them most of the day. She only leaves about 2-3 days a week and stays gone for only 10-15 min.

Broken duck wing

Peking Duck sounds good.

Aquacel by ConvaTec, My son is currently admitted ...

There might be a medical reason why the wounds were not (as you say) properly cleaned. Before jumping to conclusions and creating more anxiety for yourself and family, talk to the doctors. That's the most efficient way to find out what's going on and if there was a mistake made. Good luck. I hope ...