how to call from Israel to USA?

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Answered: Obama says bond between Israel and USA is unbreakable

Don't believe him....Action speaks louder that words.

Answered: Usa and israel

I agree Kurt and the rest of the world does want Israel gone. I believe that Israel should possess everything from the Jordan River to the Litani River and of course the Golan Heights and all of the Sinai, period . This is their land and God gave it to Israel Thousands of years ago and it is still ...

Answered: Where was No Mans land in the USA?

Oklahoma Panhandle When the Territory of Kansas was created in 1854, its boundary was set at the 38th Parallel. When Texas, a slave state, came into the Union in 1845, it would not extend its sovereignty over any territory north of 36 degree 30' because such territory would be free - as specified ...

Answered: If a trip from the usa to israel is 10 hrs what country is 5 hrs into the

I would guess either the North Atlantic Ocean, or Maybe Spain, France or Morocco.

Answered: Latest joke in Israel

Ha Ha. It's better to use the word נקניק

Answered: Does Israel Know USA Citizens Still Love You?

I know this is lengthy, but I found it on the 07.15.2009] Obama Clarifies: Israel Is The Problem Not The Palestinians President Obama invited a very select group of Jewish leaders to the White House. Like all his events, Obama made sure that his supporters dominated the ...
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Visiting Israel

Hi David, I hope you're still planning your trip. I'm surprised no one has suggested the religious guesthouses for pilgrims. They're pretty cool places to stay in and are much cheaper than hotels. (You don't have to take a religious test to stay there!) Plus, they tend to be located very close to ...

What's the coolest city in Israel?

regards regards rachel-lednichenko

Israel cities

I have two favorite cities: Jerusalem and Haifa.

Victory over Israel LOL

I, so, agree with you. I believe that, eventually, Isreal would have to remove someone from the ones surrounding her, in order to concentrate on the rest. But, the way things are heating up, Israel will need, indeed, the hand of the Almighty.