how to call from Israel to USA?

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Answered: Usa and israel

I agree Kurt and the rest of the world does want Israel gone. I believe that Israel should possess everything from the Jordan River to the Litani River and of course the Golan Heights and all of the Sinai, period . This is their land and God gave it to Israel Thousands of years ago and it is still ...

Answered: Obama says bond between Israel and USA is unbreakable

Don't believe him....Action speaks louder that words.

Answered: How many Chrysler Crossfires Limited Coupe in the USA and how many are

Why does it matter? One color sprays the same as any other.

Answered: If a trip from the usa to israel is 10 hrs what country is 5 hrs into the

I would guess either the North Atlantic Ocean, or Maybe Spain, France or Morocco.

Answered: Does Israel Know USA Citizens Still Love You?

I know this is lengthy, but I found it on the 07.15.2009] Obama Clarifies: Israel Is The Problem Not The Palestinians President Obama invited a very select group of Jewish leaders to the White House. Like all his events, Obama made sure that his supporters dominated the ...

Answered: Where was No Mans land in the USA?
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