how to calculate pain and suffering from auto accident?

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Answered: What to claim with motorcycle accident

Besides of lawyers you can check out some sites like these site is a claim group that helps people in filing a compensation claim, they can be really a big help for you. Besides of accident claims they also help in Industrial deafness claims .

Answered: Accidents are one of the typical traumatic events ...

Post traumatic stress disorders has been tied to returning armed forces personnel, and these days define some returnees from Viet Nam, Iraq and possibly Afghanistan. This term has been used in this context only. In my opinion divorce or unemployment should not cause PTSD.

Answered: What is the maximum amount allowed for pain and suffering in small claims

Hi Winnie. I'm not from the state so I don't know. I suggest you contact the local county office to ask this question. Good luck!

Answered: How much should I settle for pain and suffering from an auto accident

Make sure you consider your ongoing medical expenses. Don't just look at the bottom line of your current expenses. Reconstruction surgery? Loss of wages? etc. etc.

Answered: Shouls i sue for pain and suffering and interest?

hell yes u should sue. If u find a good lawyer anything is possibe. Just remember the lawyer is going to want a percentage... where u live? I'm lookin 4 a roomate!

Answered: Bus accident

Oh no, you must be suffocating with the great problem. But why don't you remember the kalawyer after you are suffocating so much with the personnel injury. When you need personnel lawyer then better to contact them , they are really awesome to defend the personnel injury case. http://www.kalawyer ...
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Maybe that's their first instinct, calling someone close to them to inform that he or she had an accident. but the first thing you need to do is call for an immediate medical attention to know the extent of the injury sustained then write down the every details of the accident. This things are very ...

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You won't get any money for pain and suffering. I think you need to get an attorney if you want to get lost wages.