how to calculate how much elastic for queen size fitted sheet?

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Answered: Sheets for an adjustable bed

You should try drawstring sheets. (Comfy Snug) they don't walk up or down when adjusting the bed and they stay flat and smooth. I also had them on my mothers hospital bed when we were taking care of her. There was no dragging the sheet around when she was moved. It's a great idea. This is the link ...

Answered: Bed sheets elastic retainers something like the old garter belts

Get drawstring sheets. there is no need for garters or any other gadget. they just stay tight on their own. tight bed sheets

Answered: NON extra-deep pocket fitted sheets??

You can use drawstring sheets. They will self adjust to any of the smallest of mattresses. they also stay exceedingly tight and comfortably smooth, never bunching up or popping off the mattress. SHEETS FOR THIN MATTRESSES

Answered: I haven't found any good lingerie for my 3X size ...

You can find a number of items at . You may want to try their plus size sexy lingerie first!

Answered: I have a king size round bed and i don't know what ...

We can help you with all your round bedding needs. We would need to know if your bed is either a 7 foot 84" or an 8 Foot 96" Round bed. I know you mentioned King, but we go by the measurements above. Please contact today for all your round bedding needs. We are a family ...

Answered: Just bought a queen size bed and have brand new king size sheet - how do

If you know how to sew, you can just resize the sheet to fit your queen size bed. Measure the dimensions of your queen size mattress and just follow the same construction as your king size sheets. If you don't want to sew, just put the king size sheets and then fold the excess and secure it with a ...
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Fitted sheets don't fit

try sheet suspenders. They are the name brand, and they have suspender clips to hold the sheets. The clips are steel, with nylon insert to protect the fabric. They hold much better than any of the cheap knockoffs. They can gather up the extra fabric under the mattress so you never know that you ...

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