how to calculate drug dose with meters squared?

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Answered: How to calculate concrete per square meter

calculation of concrete per squared metre

Answered: Convert 2500m to square meters

Hi Cvss, ----------- Meters is a measure of length / distance and square meters is a measure area..... There is no possible way to convert length to area !. 2,500 meters are 2.5 k"m..... that's all you can say (well, you can convert it to miles,.... or other measures of length / distance..... but ...

Answered: How big is this area in square meters

Hi Jayzee, The area is 4,200 square meters (60 * 70). Best regards,

Answered: Caffeine is a drug?

I don't really know if caffeine is drug, but i know for sure that i am addicted to coffee.

Answered: I want to make 15000 meters fabric construction 20x20/60x60. How i will

I'm not sure so I'd ask someone at a JoAnn Fabrics. Best of luck.
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How many years can an employer go back on a drug test

It depends on the test. It's up to 3 months for a hair and urine test, up to two weeks for blood test, and up to a few days for saliva test

Why would a drug test show positive for morphine when there are no drugs

Request a re-check. False positives do occur occasionally.

What volume will deliver a dose of 6 milligram if the multidose vial

Hi Lun, -------------- If there are 25 miligrams in 1 mililittre than, in order to get only 6 miligrams you'll have to take 6/25 ml (mililitters) that means just short of a 1/4 of a ml. ----------- Best regards,

That's not much of a question, golfer