how to calculate deadrise on transom?

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That's not much of a question, golfer

Answered: Online calculator

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Answered: How do i calculate my bmi?

For calculation BMI you need to know two things-your weight and height. Once you are sure about your weight and height them visit any BMI calculation site, you can find such site by a simple google search with "BMI calculator". For more details about BMI calculation you can take a look at BMI ...

Answered: Does any company make a sales tax calculator which has as its only

If it only had the one function needed and desired . . . $50

Answered: How are BizRate ratings calculated?

I think you can find helpful info here:

Answered: What Size Batteries for a SHARP, ELSI MATE EL-8009 Calculator

2xSR44 (1.5Vcell), according to this:
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