how to calculate average daily census?

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Answered: How do I calulate the average of several averages

Hi Sav, You sum it and devide by the number of samples you took. In your example: 43 + 47 + 54.5 + 37.4 = 181.9 Devided the sum by 4, it gives you: 45.5% That's the average. Yes you can do it directly on excell either sum it up (mark and use the SUM function) then devide as explained, or ...


That's not much of a question, golfer

Answered: 1870 census

They are PDF files.

Answered: Online calculator

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Answered: DailyFinance-Stock Transfer Between Portfolios

RCH,I have the same question. In older versions there was a move option. Guess the programmers decided to "improve" the site. MB

Answered: I will Stand on my 5th Amendment rights and not answer

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean 'they' are NOT out to get you." The US Government has far more sinister ways of peaking into your life. They scarcely need the raw demographics they collect from the census to do so. Consider the following: > Cameras are becoming increasingly ubiquitous ...
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