how to calculate an injured spouse portion?

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Answered: Injured Spouse, where's my refund?

You better call and ask them if they actually processed your form. I turned my form in with my taxes and they said they never got it. I've waited two months already and now I'll have to wait an additional 8 weeks processing time for the new form I mailed today.

Answered: When a spouse has medical problems, is it common for the other spouse to

Arlene D. Asked: When a spouse has medical problems, is it common for the other spouse to become mean and even violent? ................................................................................................... If that problem is psychiatric, including tendencies to endure leftist ...


That's not much of a question, golfer

Answered: How long does it take to get refund after i have contacted the taxpayers

Hi Ann. Any word on yours? I contacted my Advocate yesterday the 16th and she informed me that she submitted all my info and was giving them 1 week to complete the injured spouse. What info did you have to fax to your advocate? I was just wondering because you were told 6 weeks and i was told 1 week ...

Answered: Online calculator

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Answered: How do i calculate my bmi?

For calculation BMI you need to know two things-your weight and height. Once you are sure about your weight and height them visit any BMI calculation site, you can find such site by a simple google search with "BMI calculator". For more details about BMI calculation you can take a look at BMI ...
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