how to Burn an AOL 9.6 install CD?

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Answered: I have a new machine with windows 7 64 bit. I have installed aol 9.6 and

ERin Still a complete failure. AOL gets to check password and just stops. Could it be something to do with the fcat that this router was set up on my old machine which required one aol address to be used to access aol and the new computer doesn't know that? If that's the case how do I sort it out ...

Answered: Since I upgraded from AOL 9.0 to AOL 9.6, I cannot ...

We are sorry to hear that you are having problems. Please restore the PFC file manually. The following article will help you to do that. Manually restore the PFC - Windows 7/Vista ...

Answered: Does the iPad recognize and support AOL 9.6 software?

You can go to to download the new plug-in required for your device. Happy syncing! Check out the article below for further details. AOL Sync - new devices available

Answered: Installation Issues

This same thing is happening to me. I had to uninstall (so that I could reinstall) 9.6 desktop. I can get the software downloaded, but it keeps coming up with the following message: "Your computer needs to be restarted before you install this software. After the machine restarts, please start the ...
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How to burn my cds

Go Google or ehow and search how to burn CD.Because you need to know many information about burn properly,the topic is larger that's why i am not advised here.May this apps will help you to burn.

Hi i am updating me 9.0 to 9.6 and my favorites have not updated can u

Please refer the help article for more details

How can I replace aol 9.7 with aol 9.0 optomized? Thanks

Hi Chuck: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. How do I go back to the previous version of the AOL Desktop Software?

Downloaded AOL 9.5. Loved the email improvements ...

Please download the newest version, 9.6, here: