how to build swing out barn doors?

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Answered: Have barn beam, need 3 tenons............

You gotta cut tenons, guy. They fit into mortises, and you gotta cut those too. That is old fashioned wood working so let me turn you on to where I got the info.

Answered: I have a set of bunk bed made by Barn Door ...

I also have a bunk bed set from Barn Door...I can maybe help you by giving you all the sizes of screws and bolts that you need.

Answered: Looking for "Barn Door" furniture retailer

Not sure when you posted this, but I think I have this type of furniture with a desk.

Answered: Steel Buildings Barns

Metal is a good choice in building barns. But the length depends on what material you will be using; metal requires the closer distance in order to make sure that it doesn't bend, but wood is limited to the length of the board.

Answered: How can I get rid of birds in my barn, they have made a big mess! Thanks

Birds in barns can be a hassle. Try netting the desired area in order to force the birds to relocate. If that does not work consider trying an outdoor sound deterrent, such as the Bird Chase Super Sonic, from Absolute Bird Control. This product emits distress calls and will frighten the birds ...

Answered: Horse and barn intern in tennessee is there no ...

Jim, let me translate Bones' post. You are greedy and crazy.
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How to Wire a Steel Buildings?

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Should doors swing open?

You can check it with a level. Open the door to the spot where it starts to open by itself, set your level against the edge of the door on the knob side. You will be able see if the door is plumb. Also check the wall on the hinge side and see how plumb that is... if it is not plumb and the door was ...

I often thought about getting a wooden swing set ...

You can treat the wood of these swing sets with any kind of wood sealant (Thompsons Water Sealer, for instance). This will not only protect the color and integrity of the wood, but keep the swing set lasting for many years to come. You will have to refinish the wood after several years.