how to build drawers with Kreg Jig?

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Answered: I need to know how to build a regular 5 drawer dresser. I also will need

Answered: Where can you purchase kreg tools

Go to This will take care of all your needs. :-)

Answered: Building a duplex garage?

A duplex can be thought of as two homes built right next to each other and sometimes sharing the same wall. A duplex is normally labeled "Side A" and "Side B". Side A is often on the right side of the duplex and side B the other, but there is no strict rule for labeling. T. Sutcliffe & Co Ltd.

Answered: Fluting jig for router table

See Woodwmith magazine issue 185 for Automatic Flute Spacing Jig information, or visit
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Wobbly dresser drawer Don"t know if they send overseas but you could always contact them and ask.

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