how to build a 4 sided roof?

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Answered: Roofing option

Its totally understandable that you want your roofing to be exquisite and beautiful. For information regarding all that and much more, you can visit our website here- . Thanks.

Answered: Most beautiful Roof

Screw beautiful The only truly beautiful roofs are Spanish or Asian tiles.

Answered: Roof type

can I know which kind of home you have??? Because roofing design is based on the home design....!! Contact keith mountain for the better result...!!! Experts can help you more after seeing your home....!!!

Answered: Metal siding vs metal roofing

The material for roof is much stronger than on the siding because it face lot of air pressure and heat. Look at roofing ct . The experts there can help you.
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Roofing & Hardie Siding

I'm not sure if I undestand your question but I don't know of any spacing requirement per-se, when dealing with the area where the fascia meets the roof deck (roofing shingles.) When I was a builder, I would cut the top of the fascia board at the same pitch angle as the roof. That way there's a good ...

How much is to get 4 pices of ply wood on your roof

The average sheet of roofing quality plywood that measures 5/8" thickness is roughly $20. For the project in question, there would be the need for four sheets at a total of approximately $80. A standard square of shingles, which is all that is needed for 100 square feet of roof repair averages at ...

Steel Roof Cost

On average, metal roofing costs tend to be about three times the cost of conventional asphalt roofs. The difference in cost is attributed to a much higher cost of metal roofing materials, and a highly technically involved installation process that requires specialized skills, and specific training ...

Is a metal roof less expensive than an asphalt shingle roof?

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