How to braid ribbons for the mane of a Tennessee Walking Horse?

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Answered: Is it true that mane and tail horse shampoo is ...

My mom always got mane and tail and as I understood it it was really for people but it was safe enough to use on our house pet for a bath

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Jim, let me translate Bones' post. You are greedy and crazy.

Answered: Mane n' Tail Shampoo

I've never tried it personally but know several women who do and they swear by it. Said their hair has never been in better shape. The ingredients in it are no more harsh than what's in your brand.

Answered: Anybody got info on wooden walking globes(circus ...

Glue the scraps together to form a cube with the length of the side equal to the diameter of the sphere that you want. Get out a tool of your choice and go to work. For a very large one, I would take the corners down with a chain saw and finish with a corded planer. Cut a circle out of plywood ...

Answered: Braiding Lanyards?

This video shows how to braid or make your own lanyard similar to what knife maker Chris Reeve uses on his Sebenza folders... -

Answered: My horse bolts! HELP!

Need to start turning her in a tight circle when she starts bolting. Also I may need a little more powerful of a bit because she is young and untrained and needs to learn.
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