How to bind testicles for whipping?

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Answered: Swollen one testicle

You need to see a Dr.Sounds like something serious and could even be testicular cancer.I would go to a Dr. ASAP!!

Answered: Hurting testicles

It is not an abnormal thing to have sperm stored up in your testes. Actually it is the normal way in which sperm is stored up until it is released through ejaculation during sex. If you are experiecing pain just because you abstained from sex for only a day, i think you should consult an expert - a ...

Answered: Most men have one testicle that hangs a bit lower ...

I have larger than normal testicles and scrotum. I often have to pull up my scrotum and balls after I sit down to avoid the discomfort of sitting on them. My theory is that the left one is hung lower to avoid pain/damage when a man sits down, crosses his legs or has well developed upper legs and ...

Answered: What does it mean when a guys testicles begin to look shriveled up and

When your testicles begin to shrink, you're suffering from testicular atrophy. You need to work to reduece your estrogen levels, and to increase your testosterone levels.

Answered: Testicle Festival

Always the first Saturday in June....June 6, 2009 this year....

Answered: Skin related diseases on testicles

Yes, you can develop sebacious cysts on your testicles just like you can anywhere else.
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You have a serious problem. As soon as you can - now - walk into the emergency room of the nearest hospital or clinic and have it checked out. Tell them that your testicles hurt badly and you don't have your own doctor. (Emphasize the pain and the chances of your being seen immediately ...