how to become vigo money transfer agent?

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Answered: Can I use my debit card to transfer money to my parents?

If you have online banking activated, you can make an online money transfer. You just need to login and go into the fund transfer option. Register them as payees and then transfer the funds.

Answered: How can I transfer money to another account if I don’t remember the

If you need the account number for someone else, you need to ask them. If it is your account, you may be able to just select "savings" or "checking" on a web site, or on a phone menu. Or you can ask your bank to help with the transaction.

Answered: How western Union money transfer mechanism works ...

Prince, contact your bank directly to find out how this works. Good luck.

Answered: Money Transfer

Check with a bank representative as I'm not sure the answer.

Answered: Looking out for options to transfer money to my business partner abroad

To transfer money I would recommend you to go with money transfer service offered by banks to get range of options and competitive exchange rates. visit for more detail

Answered: Can I transfer money from one visa credit card to ...

have a helpfull partner have you transfer your moneyover were they are and they can then transfer it back into the bank tou want
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In Country Cash Transfer

Try Western Union and have the money wired. Or use a cashiers check or money order.

What is a telegraphic transfer?

An Inward Telegraphic Transfer is a receipt of funds from an overseas party, transferred through one of the branches of DBS worldwide. If you need to send or receive money, check the website for the procedure.

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I bought from a taobao agent named agreetao, their official site . They helps me shop from China with low cost, service seem good.

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