how to become a disney reservationist?

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Answered: What is Disney's Email?

The Walt Disney Company and Affiliated Companies - Contact ... - Similar You +1'd this publicly. Undo To Contact Us by E-Mail. To send an electronic message (e-mail) to Disney Shareholder Services, you must include the ...

Answered: Disney applicant

They may still be doing the back ground investigation.

Answered: Find All Disney Signature Fountain Pen collectors reference books

I have seen one...myself...I must be the expert! how great is this site to let me be my own questions expert!

Answered: I really would like to take my daughters to Disney ...

Best time to visit is between February and May. This is the non-peak time. If you want a discount you might try using the Disney credit card you can earn discounts for tickets

Answered: We really want to go to Disney World within the ...

Let be start by saying this is very difficult to answer not knowing how many people (or what ages) you are planning for. Also, how many days you plan to stay at Disney World (which speaking from experience, anything under 4 days for a first visit will feel rushed). With that in mind, I will ASSUME ...

Answered: talking disney character christmas ...

This would be nice for the kids, a great collecters item also.
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I love Disney World as I have been as a younger ...

There are some behind the scenes tours you can sign up for. These do come at a cost but I've heard good things about them. I'd be happy to help you book and plan a trip! I specialize in Disney vacations.


Here's the contact page for Disney World: You can submit an e-mail by filling out the form or choose to contact them using phone numbers they provide on this page. Julie

Cheapest way to get tickets for Disney World and Universal Studios

I should be able to answer about 1 week from today

I have a ton of Disney antenna toppers - and my new car doesn't have an

Try to sell them on e-bay. This way you can get some of them back. You can give them to the kids as a going back to school presents (if it fits on an antena, it's bound to fit on a pencil). You can put them in your car on the dashboard, so that they look like a school of Disney characters. It's ...