how to backup iphone on itunes Backup is greyed out?

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Answered: Iphone

Have an account can be easily downloaded application software you there, convenient they make money

Answered: Why does aol on my iphone not list 'old mail' so ...

Tough call. Either AOL or your iPhone sucks. If only Madam Z hadn't gone out for milk. I am sure that she would have been able to solve this dilemma.

Answered: How can i download the new ios6 to my iphone 4, because it has been

Well you to remove the jailbreak and then you can run it. With jailbreak the ios 6 want work at all. Just go the legal way and then you don't have todo all these things :)

Answered: How to recover iphone apps that suddenly won't run?

This is really strange, I Just installed a free app "the weather channel", it worked great and then the other apps suddenly started working...

Answered: Convert/move to itunes

Just find the music folder about your media player and drag the mp3 files to itunes.
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There is no Hebrew for itunes and you can't use the itunes store in Israel. You can use it if you have an American credit card, but you can't even buy things from the store if you have an Israeli address for your credit card. It's quite annoying. Maybe it will change soon.