how to apply glowing embers to propane fireplace?

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Answered: Fireplace charm not xmas

clams hex nice farm parrot. An anagram.

Answered: How to upgrade propane fireplace

I think getting a new fireplace is a better idea. There are many new affordable choices available in the market. You can go for natural gas, electric or wood fireplaces. Some fireplace are for sale too.

Answered: Picking a fireplace

You should first read the following article: How Fireplace Works

Answered: I need oil fragrance refills for aroma glow

Here are two possibilities.

Answered: What are the pros and cons of a wood fireplace and an electrical

I don't know any specific pros and cons, but I can tell you that I love my woodburning fireplaces. I cannot imagine that I would ever swith to electric. Something about the look and feel of real wood crackling in the fireplace is special to me. I have an indoor and outdoor fireplace and both are ...

Answered: Are electric fireplaces more effective and efficient than traditional

I prefer the natural glow and warmth of a traditional fireplace. I have several inside my home and even an outdoor fireplace , and they are all wood burning. I wouldn't have them any other way.
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Thank you everyone for replying. Did have an experienced friend come over and check everything out. No blockage, the flue is closed in the forward (pulled towards inside) position. The time we got smoke inside we had closed it thinking we opened it. Working fine now. Thanks Again all!!!

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