how to apply for a license for acohol?

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Answered: In Virginia, Can you get a hardship license? I did a quick search using the term 'hardship driver license' and got a lot of information. You will have to search for information specific to your needs.

Answered: How do I apply for the senior discount for license plates ?

visit: and click on Services for Seniors .

Answered: My license is permantly revoked, not for dwi but ...

Sounds like you did the crime. You'll almost certainly have to pay the price. Driving on the revoked was not a smart thing to do. Better start looking into car pooling or bus lines.

Answered: If my license is suspended in NC and I am living in NJ can I get a

if my license is suspended in nc, but i had one in md, can i go back to md and get my license back in md

Answered: How to renew drivers license if expiration date is before pretrial

Since a lawyer is involved with the case, he/she will file a motion with the Court requesting permission for me to renew my license prior to its expiration. If/when the Court grants the motion, the lawyer will let me know and get the documentation to me so that I may renew my license.

Answered: Contractor's license in NY

The Respondent must show that all loss caused by the act or omission for which the license was suspended has been fully satisfied. You must send a written confirmation that the order which caused the suspension has been satisfied. You can contact the Licensing Division: (212) 566-4100 280 Broadway ...
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My license was suspended for 18 pts in 18 months ...

I'm sure there will be fines to pay , and exams to re-take , if you need help with your CDL permit exam you can get the questions and answers at . Pass your first time .

Can I get a vehicle registered and tags for it if my license is suspended

If the Court granted you driving privileges, yes, you can register and tag your car. The restrictions on your driving will still apply.

Suspended License/Work Permit

I would suggest contacting a lawyer to find out legally what you can and cannot do.

License suspension

I doubt it, unless you've got some messed-up laws where you live. They can take you to small claims court, they can hold your vehicle, but non-payment to a private company is not exactly a criminal issue.