how to appeal to the NCAA for eligibility?

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Answered: How can someone getting foodstamps feed 3 days and buy drugs and alcohol

No, they shouldn't be eligible. They're defrauding the government and the people, and think getting high is more important than eating. People like this make it very very hard on people who genuinely need these services to survive. Take em out and shoot em for all I care. Useless barely human beings ...

Answered: Who is eligable to use Vteran clinics

Hi Del, If you are a service veteran who has received an honorable discharge, discharge under honorable conditions, or general discharge, the character of your discharge will not be an factor in determining your eligibility for Veterans health Insurance. And there is no length of service ...


Seems to be good here. I just hope that the brackets are nice in this one. Thanks!

Answered: Who Will WIn NCAA Title?

obviusly none of you all know squat since all your teams are out

Answered: Top Seeds in NCAA Tournament

Duke is going to win it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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eddeb65, Are you applying for social security disability? I think so, as there is no appeal process that I know of for regular social security. You just sign up for that when you reach the right age. Now, for disability, the usual wait today is 3 years. Yes, that is right, dear. Three years ...

Highest score in ncaa football

The answer...222-0 In the early days of college football, 1916 to be exact, Georgia Tech scored 32 touchdowns on their way to beating Cumberland University 222-0.

Appealing Swimsuit

Check out ! They truly have the best looking swimsuits out there!

How can I appeal a family violence protective order in GA

Contact the legal department in the county the protective order was ordered in and ask them what you should do. who filed the order and was it domestic?