how to answer the question Briefly comment on your ability to interact and communicate with others.?

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Answered: Why cant i view comments

I can see comments when there are comments. So AOL Answers is working. Is there a particular question that doesn't work? What browser are you using?

Answered: How can I delete a comment?

If it is your AOL Answers comment, click on it, and there is a Delete link at the bottom.

Answered: Comments

Do you mean comments on AOL Answers? They seem to be working.

Answered: Where do I find any answers about my money and finance question?

You do not mention,What type of money And finance question you want? Ok.If you want to take loan for your business or other sector,you can get loan from bank.But there is some condition.Such as you must have a good credit,paid your taxes,show your business plan,future profit etc.If you fails then ...

Answered: AOL refuses to answer questions of any kind

It's all part of the plan. By not responding to input from it users, it allows those in charge more time to improve the product.

Answered: Comment/Question

I don't even remember who I asked this question. I do know that I specifically asked someone though. biny789
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Click on EXPLORE at the top of the page to get the new questions.

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