how to ajust linkage on a muncie shifter?

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Answered: 69 corvette shifter problems

Thought of taking it to a mechanic? Transmission shop? If you can afford a Corvette, you can afford professionals to repair it.

Answered: Vw vanagon camper shifter linkage bushings

dont fully understand your question john ask

Answered: Heel tow shifter

i, I don't know about any but if you don't find one I cane make one custom made.

Answered: What is genetic linkage?

In addition to the previous answers, the linkage between two genes is subject to evolution. If two genes are "working together" - then over time chances are that they will end up in adjacent locations, and thus will have a smaller chances of being seperated during cross over.

Answered: Is Bipolar Disorder curable or can your chemical imbalance ajust itself

Oh cmon. of course it can be cured. just because there isnt a pharma product that does that magically doesnt mean it cant be cured. I had bipolar all my teen years till 25 when i decided to do something serious about it. I got myself to sleep right so the brain can heal, and practiced simple ...

Answered: Shifting linkage o ring on a 1997 chevy camaro transmition

some times u can get the linage to go in and u can get the o ring out and then pull the linkage back out and huck it up
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Probably. But, it would make more sense to take it to a Dodge dealership. There may be other issues causing this problem that need attention. If it just needs lube, it shouldn't cost that much.