how to adjust the laser on a Kobalt miter saw?

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Answered: Sears companion miter saw where can i get a lockhandle for my 10in saw

I also have a sears companion compound miter saw. tried ordering one through sears parts, thay toke my money and I waited for 4 weeks. then seen a post that said the company that maid the saw whet out of under. called sears and they returned my money. I thanked them for not letting me no there wasn ...

Answered: Lost miter gauge

If it's an American made saw, with a standard 3/4" miter slot, you can find a miter gauge at Rick

Answered: Is laser treatment harmful?

depends on what you are getting the laser treatment for I AM GUESSING. Go ask your doctor... why would you trust us people on aol? ... js'

Answered: I need directions! Click on the dialog box on the left that ways "All Models". Scroll down to your M#. Download the manual. Jay

Answered: laser sight for glock 20 w/o rails

This firearm wasn't designed for a laser sight as the trajectory of the 10X25 MM round somewhat resembles a rainbow and has limited range. However, it is effective in close quarters and is an option with most police departments. Laser targeting systems are only needed at long range, such as the ...

Answered: Integrity Adjustable Beds

I think sofa beds are one the best furniture in the recent days it has multiple advantage it can be used as sofas as well as beds , Most of sofa beds are portable that can carry easily from one place to another .
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What things have to be done when a medical office has a laser machine

Lasers are indispensable to modern medicine, for surgery, removal of tumors from places that no scalpel can reach, and much more. There are to date at least 900 specific laser technologies that medicine uses -- to great benefit. To license these machines the State Board of Medicine considers the ...

Will a house light switgh work on a table saw

It will if your table saw is 120 volt. Rick

Buying laser for dewalt saw

Laserkerf is the way to go! I highly recommend it. It's affordable and actually works.

Info on dewalt miter saw model 705 type 6 any info would be great

It is a single bevel miter saw. The common miter angles lock in. I started out with a single bevel miter, but I would only use one in a pinch. Such a model would not be worth much to me except to buy for $20.00 and resell.