how to adjust idle screw on 2005 650 cc yamaha v star classic motorcycle?

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Answered: How much weight can you ride with on a 2007 Yamaha V-Star 650cc

Yes I do but I seem to be missing the right section. Anyone know off the top of there head? Thank you...

Answered: Any one know were I can get some M12 x 1.75 x 55MM pan head screws Highest quality made in China.m12 circular connector manufacturers Great price!

Answered: 1996 yamaha 1100cc motor

need firing order for 1995 f2r600r yamaha

Answered: Why wont the baffles for a 2005 yamaha vstar slide out after the welds

1. You didn't get all the welds. Look at the exhaust system. It has a cross over tube (or should) and the baffles were welded at the factory to give that V-Star its inaudible ride. 2. It ain't SUPPOSED to come out -- cause you need the back pressure to protect your exhaust valves. Replace that ...
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close-on that model, check the top of the dipstick, it probably says 10w40-so use that. I agree-buy a motorcycle 10w40 oil-however-synthetic should be avoided in a bike of that age-tolerances were not that tight,and with miles and age, the synth could get past the rings and blow out the exhaust ...

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Ypu are money ahead to take it to the Yamaha shop. Just buying the special tools it will take will run three times the cost of the repair, and you don't have up to date specs from Yamaha. Make sure you talk to a wrench you know and will take good care of your scooter.

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Look at the plugs. Chances are you have carbon in one or both. If you have burned oil in the cylinders you are in for rings and maybe even valve guides. Gray ash means you had oil in the jugs before you fired it up last time and someone leaned out the carb enough to make it feel normal -- just ...

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i might have one ,did they vary between other yamaha models