how to adjust flame on majestic gas fireplace?

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Answered: Majestic fireplace

I have a Majestic Thurman fireplace L36 that needs some work. I wonder if you had any luck in solving your problem? Does anyone make or carry that line anymore? Would certainly appreciate any help you can give. Joseph E. Kochhan 124 Walnut Rd. North Kingstown, RI 02852 401 295 8488 ...

Answered: Fireplace charm not xmas

clams hex nice farm parrot. An anagram.

Answered: Prefab fireplace door gasket

Most prefab fireplace doors are designed to allow some room air to enter the fireplace while it is being burned. This air is REQUIRED for cooling of the prefab fireplace. To seal these doors to stop the air infiltration would create a SERIOUS overheating and fire hazard for your fireplace and your ...

Answered: Gas Fireplace---LOUD Popping NOISE.....Worried???

I would suppose that what you are hearing is the metal contracting in size as the fireplace cools. I've never heard that described as a bang, though. There is a phenomena called extinction pop that can happen when a gas burner shuts off, but that wont happen more than once. You should probably ...

Answered: How can I tell if I can buy a vent-free gas fireplace insert?

Read these web sites. They discuss the pros and cons.
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1st of all WHY would you want to go from the good way to have a gas fp to a bad way to have a fp? a vent free fp may not need an actual chimney to vent the exhaust from the fire but that doesn't mean there isnt any exhaust although it isnt a major amount its still venting into the room which is why ...

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