how to access the parental control feature on a kids tabeo tablet?

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Answered: Will not allow me to access my parental controls

Hi Tom: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Solutions for common error messages with AOL Parental Controls

Answered: Acer a500 tablet charging

Either your charger or your tablet is broken. That'll be $85 please.

Answered: Summer camp: Good for kids, good for parents?

Speaking from having the experience of being the child who has gone camp, the counselor who had the privilege to spend a week with great kids, and an aunt who helps pay for her nieces and nephews to be able to go to camp, it is by far one of the best experiences you can give your child. I was ...

Answered: Parental control password restting.

Several options come to mind, and I am not a computer genius so bear with me. First, when you first start your computer, and it loads with the logo you should have a brief period to open what is called the 'boot menu'... you have options there. Secondly, check, and triplecheck your spelling ...

Answered: Online Electronic Store

Yes Friend you can buy from here :- redmondelectric(dot)ie

Answered: How to buy a good tablets?

I'd have to agree. Learn more then use a site like to find someone selling the one you want cheap in your neighborhood. :) Good luck
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If you are running AOL Desktop, Settings is an icon at the top, for me it is the 6th from the left. If you are looking at, you can get to Settings at Help (way down at the bottom), or go directly to

Can't log into parental controls

Thank you for your feedback. I have sent this information to our AOL Parental Controls team.

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Your babies is not the same as other's babies. It is worth it.

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Hi Scott: We're sorry, but as of right now, you can't move or merge an existing Username from one account to another. You also can't use a secondary Username to create a new AOL account. These are simple precautionary measures to avoid the creation of duplicate Usernames and make sure nobody can ...