How thick is a jaw bone?

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Answered: Late adolescent jaw growth

JayR - Thank you for your answer and your kind words. My daughter's orthodontist brought the issue to my attention yesterday and I've been "flipping out". I feel much better today. She looks fine, but the nice result we saw when she got her braces off last year is shifting as her bottom teeth ...

Answered: How can you close a cats jaw when it get stuck open

I wouldn't risk trying to fix this by yourself. Take your cat to the vet and let the experts do it. It's better to be safe than sorry, especially with your pet.

Answered: What is the shaft or middle portion of a long bone

The diaphysis or body is the main portion of long bones.

Answered: Can the bones grow after 23 years old?

Yes, Growing Taller After puberty is possible. There is an easy and safe way to increase height within a short period of time.The results depend on the effort and dedication of each one. Growth results depend mostly on your age, health, bones density, diet and genetic level. Stretching is not ...

Answered: How do the ends of our bones grow?

The marow bulds up and forses your bones to grow

Answered: How is surgery done for bone spurs on feet?

Bone spurs on the feet can be removed surgically under conscious sedation. No general anesthesia is needed. cs33ca M.Sc. PharmD.
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When should someone with High Risk Osteoporosis ...

I have read and heard that when a person with full blown osteoporosis bones even sneezes its can be a means to break a bone, but also heard that walking can helps strengthen bones. Taking calcium citrate is easily digested and taken with oranges, celery or corn can help mend a bone faster than ...


The jaw (lower portion) is attached to the skull by temporomandibular joints. Like all joints, these are made of cartilage and attaches to the skull with ligaments. Cartilage decomposes much faster than bone, so if the skull was buried for a long time, the joints would no longer exist and the ...

As a fully grown 24 year old can my bones still get thicker

Hi, As far as I remember from my Anatomy class is, bones stop growing at age 21.

Why do they airlines call it open jaw , I know what open jaw is i'am a

I think the only way to do this is through a travel agent.