how the words matter,element,atom,crystal,compound, and molecule relate?

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Answered: What is the relationship between elements and atoms?

Hi, Atoms for a material are like bricks for a building (both are the basic stucture units). Each element can be identified by it's atoms (e.g: the atoms of Nickel are different from the atoms of say Cobalt). Best regards,

Answered: What can yousay about the atoms in different elements?

Different elements have different numbers of protons.

Answered: How is a molecule and an atom related?

A molecule is more than one atom, with the atoms bound together. An oxygen molecule has two oxygen atoms. A water molecule has one oxygen atom and two hydrogen ataoms.

Answered: Gem AQUAMARINE Crystals in NYC

You will find spectacular Gem AQUAMARINE Crystals at the Museum of Natural History. Their rock and minerals are sometimes poorly displayed (just try to find the awesome Star of India), but it is worth the trip just to see the hugh meteors (in addition to the aquamarines). If you want to take an ...

Answered: Elements.

Zn +2HCl ---> ZnCl2 + H2 The products are a salt, zinc chloride, and hydrogen gas.
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How are atoms related to molecules in a sample of a compound?

Patty, I agree that there is some confusion of terms. Hopefully this will help. Elements--a term referring to a single simple substance. Gold, silver, iron, oxygen, hydrogen are all examples of simple substances. No matter how you break an element sample you just produce smaller pieces of the same ...

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