how the history and theories of counseling and psychology have both benefited and oppressed culturally diverse populations?

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Answered: What is the importance of a culturally diverse workforce

I work in a multi-cultural work place and found that it is great...we all get along and find out alot of things about other food and thoughts about everyday issues..I have found that working in a multicultural environment is better for me..I have worked in more dominant caucasian ...

Answered: Psychological Theories

Motivating one's employees is not that difficult. It merely takes sadism, terror, and threats that you can impose. These have to be the direst of all threats. For example: Those who disobey the rules and do not produce must go without Vogon Poetry for two weeks. Those who obey the rules and ...

Answered: Is Penny on The Big Bang Theory the real big bang? She has a Seven Eleven

is "Penny" the latest of Hilary Clinton's "street names?" Most prostitutes use them, but you can always identify them by their tramp stamp. Too bad Hilary Clinton is too far gone to remember what name she is using when she walks the streets these days.

Answered: How the minority population benefit from exposure to other art

As you said exposure, getting acquainted may well give them more understanding the uniqueness of every culture and the essence of beings.

Answered: Population of Reading in 1822

Have you contacted the Berks County Historical Society?
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My first wife was Mexican. Those cultural differences caused problems with her and I and with her family until the day she died.

Grid group cultural theory

The typology developed by social anthropologist Mary Douglas is based on two scales, which she named grid (the extent regulation matters) and group (the extent collectivity matters). You are right that collectivism is similar to 'strong group' while individualism can be equated with 'weak group ...

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