how the circular flow diagram relates to the current economic situation?

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Answered: Rachel@msnbc How do I get some economic information to Rachel

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Answered: Economics

Croissants, kaiser, and Hawaiian.

Answered: Economics

Aspects of Decision Making are Ideas, Evaluation, Agreement & Revisiting the Decision. Thank You, Shopeastwest

Answered: Economics

chad Edward hatten

Answered: Economics

chad Edward hatten
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A branching diagram: In bifurcation theory, a graph in which a parameter characterizing solutions of a nonlinear equation is plotted against a parameter that appears in the equation itself. It's a method to chart macro evolution, because it's not a linear parameter.

I wanted to know that does this article includes the role cash flows play

Cashflow plays a role in all business finances. It is the cash that is available to the business owner to pay for the business loans, taxes, his/her income, etc.