how tenants beat landlords in court?

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Answered: Can my landlord harass my employer for money owed ...

I don't think this is legal what your landlord is doing. I'd suggest contacting an attorney who has a background in landlord/tenant matters.

Answered: What a landlord can do if agent of the tenant failed to pay the rent?

As enjoyable as it would be to start making renovations on the rental property to make them leave, the safer and usually more effective route for getting them out and recovering back rent is to file for eviction in rent court. In a nutshell, you have to serve them with an eviction notice (each ...

Answered: Hey landlord, i want new carpet

I don't know of any legal requirement to replace carpet or paint. Legal requirements say it must be safe and vermin free. Most landlords don't think about replacing carpet until a tenant moves out. If it's just dirty, it could be cleaned; that's your responsibility. But if you think it needs ...

Answered: How can i sue my landlord?

If you have a lease you must comply with the lease when it comes to the termination of the lease. You can ask him nicely to change the carpets and perhaps help pay for the new flooring, this would maybe encourage the landlord to go ahead with the new floors. Remember you agreed to take the apartment ...

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Can a tenant be related to the landlord

Hi, Of course yes, as long as the tenant pays and follow the rules of the apartment or condo complex.

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Is it legal for a landlord to pop up at a tenants apartment without

What's he's intention anyway, you should ask first why he's in your unit before anything else.