how tall is washer on pedestal?

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Answered: Notched washers

The New Z

Answered: Why does my power washer with a Honda gsx390 start with one pull and die

Consider a blocked fuel line. Most mimimal sized generators have fuel petcocks hidden under the gas tank so that you might never detect them. Remove the petcock and your generator will perform as advertised.

Answered: How tall is norm abram

Google his profile.

Answered: Furniture repair

I would use Wood glue . This will be even stronger and will fill gaps. Take an advice from furniture repair professional . I also heard about White or yellow glues . These are strong, but the glue easily cleaned or removed with warm water.
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I hooked up new washer,the hot water keeps runing in the washer

The hot water valve might not have been installed properly. Either than or there is something wrong with the shut off feature of the hot water valve. You can reinstall the valve and check the flow of water. Or maybe you have installed the cold water valve to the hot water source. Correct ...

Have a maytag top load washer. model#mavt236aww.should agitator shaft be

Yes, because you are reverse turning the geared transmission

Ge washer my washer stops during the cycle and i have to hit the start

Open up the washer so you can access the control. Spray some contact cleaner on it. If this advice is ludicrous, then post the model number of your washer.

My washer stops during the cycle and i have to hit the start button

Get # and model from the label and go to this site -