how tall is ted cruz?

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Answered: Should we start calling Sen Cruz, Ted

::::::::::::::snicker::::::::::: Only leftsts are stupid and immoral enough to do that. Therefore, leftists are absolutely boring. There is nothing more to leftists than that.

Answered: Is the Ted Cruz Show, which taxpayers are paying for, over yet?

Bad question. I agree with olweedy. The taxpayers are not footing the bill, unlike much of the largesse of 0 and his cronies.

Answered: Ted Cruz is Already Making a Name for Himself...

American Patriot aka Rocmike I have added your alias Tobin Carter to your list of aliases. If you are going to copy and paste my posts and re-post them please keep it updated.

Answered: Is Ted Cruz dangerous? He seems to go beyond political discourse to

All present day ruthless dictators have a few things in common: they are delusional, they are consumed with racist hate, they are vengeful, and they are leftist liberal. Tadpole-Steve-GB, your IPA makes it clear how close to a severe nervous breakdown you are. You suffer severe chronic stress and ...
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