how tall is a 245 75 r16 tire?

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Answered: Vogue tires

ANYBODY KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND P225 75 R15 vogue tires? Contact Les Schwab Tires. They have dealerships across the western US and can usually find direct replacements or generic replacements. This is a very common size tire for most full-sized American cars or smaller, light duty pickups.

Answered: Tall Fridge and Freezer

I can refer some online shopping stores, where from you can purchase your desired electrical appliance or some other items which you can see online through visit their websites:

Answered: Is it worth you returning tires back to a warehouse seller if you can't

Only a leftist would be stupid enough to try to sell scrap tires. You PAY to get rid of them at a rubber recycler. You pay less if they are clean. Where does AOL Answers get these leftist morons, anyway?

Answered: I went from 245/70R17 to 305/75/R17 on my 2004 ...

simple, you have changed the end speed ratio and the trans speed sensor is not giving the right signial to the computer, you need to hook a scaner go to keon test,and you will see set tire size, put your new figures and way you go. good luck

Answered: Why an I tired after radiation treatment

Well, tiredness can still be a problem for some months after your treatment has finished.
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that's one they never tell you. jut have to find one and measure it , i guess

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Grizzley, having lived in Austin for more than 20 years I know exactly what your are talking about. Dry rote is so very common there. However, give me a bit and I would be glad to suggest some very highly rated tires for you that will not come with a Michelin style price tag. Check with you ...