how stars shine on cloudy nights?

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Answered: Cloudy chlorine pool

To add to the quote above, make sure that you are running your pool filter during and after the addition of the chemicals. This will help circulate the water and mix it effectively.

Answered: What are the multi colored fashing stars at night?

This could be the Perseid Meteor Shower. We go through a "cloud" of small rocks every year starting in September and ending in mid November.

Answered: Where can I sell my crafts in Fifth Republic of South Korea? what stars

Go North, young man. Sell your crafts to Lil' Kim. Don't drag your feet. His rich uncle just died and I'm pretty sure Lil' Kim inherited the whole enchilada, so he's flush right now.

Answered: Finals Dancing with the Stars

Ty Murray was the celebrity that was eliminated last night on Dancing with the Stars.
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