how soon after your shih-tzu's first heat can you get them spayed?

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Answered: My wife and I are not foreign to raising Shih Tzus ...

Jay's right this behavior is very common in puppies and adult dogs for that matter . Another reason why it is so very important to keep the litter together a minimum of 8 weeks . They learn valuable lessons of how to live within a " Pack " . Spanky is a male , he's older , bigger , stronger and ...

Answered: After spayed

The dog can not go through heat cycle again as it has been spayed. for more infomation on spaying and dogs in season click here .

Answered: Spay Abbey or not?

My dog Cricket was spayed severial years a go. We have had no problems with mood, diet or activity. Your vet is right, This is what is best for Abby. Besides as a care giver and not just a pet owner, You seem to have Abbys best intrest at heart. Their are way too many unwanted puppies and kittens in ...

Answered: My female dog is in heat i have an appointment to ...

Hi Beverly. The risk of having your dog spayed while she is in heat is very high (as she can bleed out during the surgery). Most vets will tell you to wait until she is out of heat to perform the surgery. Hope this helps.

Answered: Summerwinds ...

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Answered: How soon can I hold the kittens after they are born?

If the mother cat is present, handling should be kept to a minimum. Avoid over-handling newborn kittens until they are several weeks old.
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Do the intelligent thing. Take her to the vet, then you will know for sure.

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Female Shi Tzu sould be breed day 12 and again day 14 of her cycle. Cycle begins the day she has bloody discharge. It is pale pink and watery but chec with a kleenex.

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You really need to check with your vet. Some may do spray and others won't do to hormone levels and problems that can occur. Get all the facts and then you can make an informed decision for your pet. I won't hurt to wait til after the cycle and it would be less stress on the dog. Having surgery and ...

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