how soon after having a heart stent put in can you fly on an airplane?

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Answered: Heart stents,diabetes,copd can you retire

You can retire if you can afford to. I think what you want to know is whether you can get disability pay, and that depends on the rules for disability retirement for your job. If you can still work, you should be working.

Answered: Out of Curiosity, Flying Licenses Issued in the USA

just out of curiosity, why are you suck a dick?

Answered: Airplanes flying over malibu every hour very loud

Because little boys have toys in there basements

Answered: I still have some beautiful flying models of ...

You can try here for some models:

Answered: Flying vs sailing

I have done it ! Me and my friend have saild for five houres and I had a very good time. thank you for your answers.

Answered: What does 747 means in Boeing airplanes

It's a model numbering system that incorporates new releases. You can find out more about the boeing 747 and get some great airplane pictures at
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It is a quite professional question and needs to be carefully considered. You can go to to find the skilled answers here.

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I think 50 years is a long time to wait for a lawsuit.

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It is the shortest route. Navy ships normally go the southern route especially in the winter, but in the summer will do the northern hump. The airlines do it more exagerated than the ships, because this route also gives them the most flying time over land.

Do airplanes have private rooms for the crew?

No. They would have to die and kill themselves of course. Who didnt know that!