How should daily calorie intake be divided for an adult in good health?

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Answered: Calorie intake?

You really should consult a doctor first to make sure you're being safe and to make sure you don't harm yourself. The best way to find a doctor is by going to www.YourCity.MD. There are patient testimonials, doctor ratings, and much more. Your doctor will know best and www.YourCity.MD will help you ...

Answered: Adult mortality rates -in a room with 100 average American adults ages 30

Let's say that we have an aggregate mortality rate as an average. Without causing Olweedy and Ol' Yeddar too many nervous breakdowns, let's consider a partial integral. Our range is 13.9% (maximum expected death rate). Our domain is .79% per year of life. Our limit is 101 years maximum reasonable ...

Answered: Losing weight

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Answered: What is a ,acceptable amount for your daily sodium intake?

Sodium is VERY bad for anyone's blood pressure. It increases blood pressure. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends an amount of 2300mg of sodium per day. Most Americans have a 5400mg per day sodium intake - 134% above the recommended daily limit. High diastolic blood pressure is also ...

Answered: What foods are high in calories?..

Keep an eye on the labels anything with high amounts of sugar can be fattening. Stick to lean meats and avoid processed foods. Here are a list of fattening foods .

Answered: What is4/7 divide by -11/3

And he scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The web sites that I found state the following: "Esterified plant stanols have been proven to reduce cholesterol in a number of randomised, placebo-controlled double-blind clinical trials. Cholesterol-lowering effects have been noted: in women and men, as well as children. Concerning esterified ...

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I'm hoping the questioner will believe the ones that gave the correct answer. It was 2 to 1 in favor of the correct answer after my posting. I was curious if anyone would pick up on my wrong fractional equivalent. Have a thumb.

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Just in case you want a few more decimal places- 13380909.901873327386262265834077

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