how should a grand piano sit in a room?

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Answered: Help Grand Piano decorating issue

I am not an interior decorater, but if you are planning on putting the piano on the window side, be sure to put it sideways so that the player has the light to the side and not in front of him, which would be quite annoying. Also a grand piano needs open space, so get rid of the two chairs. HAPPY ...

Answered: Cancelation of nonrefundable hotel rooms

yep, no hotel do a refund when you cancel your accommodation... better think many times before making decision.

Answered: After you have bought your piano, keeping it in ...

Have your piano tuned as often as you feel necessary, but a minimum of twice a year is the rule of thumb. No matter how expertly a piano is tuned, atmospheric variations and the nature of the piano's construction constantly conspire to bring it off pitch. Pianos go out of tune primarily because of ...

Answered: Piano

locating the serial is a first step in discovering the age of a piano. check out this site which offers more services in this matter.

Answered: Are you ever too old to learn how to play the piano? Will any piano

You're never too old to learn playing piano.. You just need one secret ingredient: PASSION! You develop your passion through various step. Take a look at this video, hope you'll enjoy!

Answered: Availability of colonnade guest rooms july 28,2012 weekend

AOL answers is not the place to make reservations for a weekend! Call their number and speak to someone,
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Thanks Ron!

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There is now age limit when it comes to taking up piano lessons . The fastest way to learn is to get a teacher. Although I know that not all people are capable of spending at least $60 per session that's why i suggest that you try dvd or downloadable piano lessons . Or maybe you can try some ...