How should a 8 lb. long haired terrier be clipped?

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Answered: What are the pros and cons of clip in hair extensions?

Pros and cons of clip in hair extensions? - Yahoo! Answers

Answered: Long or Short Hair?

it's both mood and what looks good on you :) i love it long but i had to cut it recently cos it's was almost shedding! but it's fun now, i like it and just growing it back..

Answered: How often should I cut my hair if I'm trying to let it grow out as long

yes a small trim is required every couple of months to keep ends healthy. but you should also use a good shampoo and conditoner that contains protein so that your hair will stay strong and will not break or become damaged. also use a deep conditoner once or twice a week. thats how i grew mine out!

Answered: Are clip in hair extensions easy to take care of and put in?? would love

Lovely, it really depends what kind of extensions you're looking at. A few years back, I had hair extensions glued into my hair. It was extremely difficult to manage and I ended up having them removed after a week because they were so bothersome. I do, however, remember my good friend at the time ...

Answered: Giving my Yorkshire Terrier a Haircut

My advice to you, buy this manual for $35 and then you wont have to spend any money again!
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If you have short hair and want a different look then hair extensions

If I'm correct you have a few days before but the day before/or that day would be best....Remember, You need to have the correct color, choose a pro who knows what they are doing ( IT'S YOUR WEDDING DAY) and this process takes time....So I suggest to have a beautiful job find a person who has done ...

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Hairdreams - is the one where my wife always used to go for her hair styling. You can try this salons as they are one of the best hair salons in Dubai. They are very good in hair extensions , last month my wife get her hair extensions and she is very happy with their service. For more information ...

What are the different methods of applying hair extensions?

there are so may ways of applying extensions, pre bonded hair, stick tip and micro rings, loop method, weaving, bonding wefts with glue, clip in extensions. they are all great ways of having them installed! id say my favourite would be bonding a weft with liquid gold bond a weave, or just clip ins ...

Are hair extensions a good idea? has anyone had any bad experiences with

yes hair extensions are totally a good idea :) I've had clip ins pre bonded and glue in wefts, and all methods have been beautiful! as long as they're taken care of using the right products and put in by a professional you should have no problems I''m a regular user of there ...